“True Blood”: Got Mott?

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Dearest Franklin Mott,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Well, helllooooooo there, good lookin'.../Photo credit HBO

I’ve fallen head over heels for Bon Temps’ newest bad boy, Franklin Mott. I’m dying to know more about him (when he was turned, if he’s looking for another woman to obsess over – cause I’m available, ya know), and I sure have got my fingers crossed that Tara didn’t do him any more harm than dent his head in a little.

Side note #1: I’m finding myself writing this post in an adopted Sookie Stackhouse-like Southern accent. Kinda weird.

At any rate, while I whittle away the hours until my dear Franklin’s return to “True Blood” (and of his return I’m absolutely certain), I thought I’d pontificate on about the *history* I share with the fantabulous actor who plays him, James Frain.

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Oh, Willoughby!

I stumbled across this story today about Emma Thompson and her dishy hubby Greg Wise and couldn’t believe the photos that accompanied it.


Before (with Kate Winslet in "Sense and Sensibility")...

...and after.

...and after.He's only 43, btw.

What’s happened to Willoughby???

I prefer to remember him as he was, pining away (as much as Willoughby could actually pine) for Marianne on the hill as she marries the thoughtful, kind Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman).

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